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My Butterfly House

My Butterfly House

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Imagine having a beautiful butterfly that reacted to your presence... Imagine an elegant jar with a colorful fluttering butterfly inside...

In reality, catching a butterfly and keeping it in a jar is not only difficult, but it's also cruel, and the butterfly is not likely to survive for long. The Butterfly House gives you all the joy of having an energetic and attractive butterfly as a pet without the hassle. The clever technology used is a closely guarded secret but the result is a completely artificial butterfly that looks and acts just like a real one. It flutters, flies, opens, and closes its wings. Each tap of the jar causes the butterfly to move around. It will fly from place to place in the jar, flap its wings quickly or slowly, and even seem to settle and stretch its wings for a while. All movements seem to be completely natural! Random flutter patterns like a real butterfly.

Requires 3 AAA batteries.

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