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WonderToys™ Magic Fort building kit

WonderToys™ Magic Fort building kit

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Get ready to soar into the skies of creativity with the Wondertoys™ Magic Fort building kit

Are your kids always busy playing electronic games? Do you want a fun activity to do with them that allows you to share good times at home or in the garden? . Our  Magic Fort building kit is here to help.


The first ten years of children's growth path play a fundamental role. It is crucial to guarantee them ample space to enhance their creativity , stimulate their imagination and develop cognitive skills . The enchanting castle creation set combines all these aspects in a fun and adventurous product that will win children's hearts forever!

This toy kit, designed for children aged 6 and up , offers an incredible range of possibilities to create limitless shapes and constructions. Whether you and your child want to create a fort or tepee to play and rest in or explore the inter galaxy with a futuristic spaceship, your imagination will be the only limit.

Achieve screen-free captivation effortlessly!

Scientifically developed Sensory Fort Building Kit targets child's developing brain areas. Enhances cognitive, sensory, and hand-motor skills. Provides hours of engagement.

Boost creative thinking and sensory response

Physicians around the world recommend our Sensory Fort Building Kits! They are proven to increase various positive cognitive behaviors such as increased sensory response, elevated hand-eye coordination, and more!

Dream Big, Build Big!

Unlock unlimited imagination and transform towering aspirations into tangible achievements with our fort building kit -where big dreams transform into even greater realities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of batteries are used?

It operates with AA batteries.

How long is the 184piece Track?

The 184 Flexible Race Car Toys is about 15.1 ft that you can create any shape, and bend at will, children can Create Your Car Tack by use chairs, books, sofas, bridges, tunnels, slopes, and more.


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