Your Kid's Playtime is sorted for Hours!

With serpentine design, this race car track twists, turns, bends however you want, kids can flex and curve the track to their desired shapes, corners and heights.

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  • Magnetic Track

  • Building Pieces

  • Multiplayer Racing

  • Customizable Layouts

Magnetic Customizable Track

Our racing track features a unique magnetic functionality that enables children to create endless track designs and configurations, sparking their imagination and allowing them to unleash their creativity like never before.


Zero Gravity Never Goes out of the track 

Our flexible railway system is designed to allow for twists, turns, and even upside-down sections, providing an immersive and thrilling racing experience that captivates children's imaginations.


Perfectly Safe Eco-Friendly & Easy to Use

You can twist and turn the individual segments as much as you want in order to create bends for turns or extract a sharp corner from an inclined surface.


Stimulate learning for kids

it develops your child's intelligence using the world-renowned Montessori method. Your child will learn to think independently while enjoying themselves . This toy also promotes hand-eye coordination and enhances your child's sense of gravity and speed.


Assemble the way you want !

Start building your own race track! A great way to develop your child's creativity. Beautiful race track that you can easily assemble the way you want! The toy car climbs everywhere! .